Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blue Whale

True Wild Life | Blue Whale | Blue Whales are the largest recorded mammal on earth some reaching nearly 120ft. The blue whale is found in pretty much all oceans but the whales tend to prefer the warmer waters. The blue whale has been nearly hunted to extinction by man when eastern Asian whaling came into fashion a few of hundred years ago. There are less than 12,000 blue whales left worldwide. Blue whales feed mainly on krill but also small fish and squid, that swim inside their enormous mouths. The blue whale has thousands of extremely fine teeth that allow water to filter out of the whales mouth, without the whales catch escaping.

Apparently just one breath from a fully grown adult blue whale, will produce enough air to fill nearly 2,000 balloons! The blue whales heart is so big that it is around the same size as a small car, with the blue whales main arteries being big enough for a human to swim through comfortably.

The blue whale is a very solitary animal and generally spends the majority of its life alone, roaming the vast ocean waters. It has been known for particular blue whales to travel in pairs although, it is not known whether or not these blue whales remain together for extended periods of time. When there are good feeding areas, more than 50 blue whales have been seen in the same area, although they do not appear to interact with one another and tend to leave the other blue whales to their feeding.

Very little is known about the breeding patterns or grounds of the blue whale, although scientists do know that female blue whales tend to give birth every 2 to 3 years and this usually takes place at the beginning of winter. The blue whale calf tends to stay with the mother blue whale for around 6 months before the blue whale calf is ready to venture out by itself.


Anonymous said...

what facinating animals i absolutely love them xx

Salahudin Al Ayubi said...

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Anonymous said...

I love whales. Espically belugas!

Anonymous said...


Mackenzie said...

I love blue whales did u know that their the largest animal ever exsiting today lol I study abut them and im on 10

Anonymous said...

The second photo you posted looks more like a humpback whale than a blue whale.

sharjiga said...

The blue whale looks just as pretty as a dolphine.

sahijen said...

I like the blue whale.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Whales.... They're awesome!

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Anonymous said...


Kaela <3 said...

The third picture where the whale is breaching is definitely a humpback whale just so you know. I came across this when looking for pictures of blue whales and it showed up with the others, but that picture is in no way a blue whale.

Anonymous said...

is a blue whales heart as big as a horse

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Im 10 and my favorite whale is the SPERM whale.....if you know what i mean.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i luv the 1st pic :)

Anonymous said...

i love blue whales. love Ethan Douglas

jeffrey said...

They have discovered the biggest blue whale colony in Sri Lanka. There was a great article scientifically and friendly written on the topic. will post a link if i remember.....

Anonymous said...

heyy i wanna say somethin cuz im bored lol so yup...... hi sup??

Anonymous said...

wow this blog is amazing can you also see my blog-


Anonymous said...

The Asians need to stop killing the Blue Whales

Animal said...

Blue Whale, the most amazing whale.

10 yr old kid said...

wow huge whales of this species is definitely on my list of "BIGGEST ANIMALS IN THE WORLD". very interesting

Rachael said...

The 3rd picture is of a humpback whale and not a blue whale. Just saying.

marco said...

yes, Rachael is absolutely right, that is a humpback whale, but it's okay, we all whale lovers here, so any kind is welcomed.

Anyway thanks a lot for this post.

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