Tuesday, February 22, 2011


True Wild Life | Eagle | The eagle is a (generally) large sized bird of prey meaning that the eagle is one of the most dominant predators in the sky. Eagles are most commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere including Europe, Asia and North America. Eagles are also found on the African continent. There are more than 60 different species of eagle in the world with only 2 of these eagle species being found in the USA and Canada. However, one of these eagle species is one of the most common species of eagle, the bald eagle. Despite it's name the bald eagle has a full head of feathers but their bright white colour makes the bald eagle very distinguishable. The golden eagle is the only other species of eagle found on the American continent.

The size of an eagle is dependent on the species of eagle. Eagles can range in size from 40cm to over 1m in height. The wing span of an eagle tends to be at least double the length of the eagle's body. Eagles have feathers on the ends of their wings which the eagles move up and down to help them when flying. Eagles are dominant predators and are known as birds of prey. Eagles feed off smaller birds and bats in the sky and small mammals and fish on the ground. The eagle is well known for it's incredible eyesight. An eagle's eyesight is so good that an eagle can apparently see a mouse on the ground when the eagle is still high in the sky.

The eagle is used as a symbol in many national flags and emblems all around the world, as an eagle is believed to resemble power or good fortune. Eagles are dominant and ruthless predators in their environment and eagles therefore have very few natural predators themselves. Eagles are most likely to be hunted by smaller animals when they are chicks or still young and inexperienced so they are fairly vulnerable. Female eagles build their nests in tall tree tops or on high cliffs where they are at their safest. The mother eagle tends to lay two eggs, which hatch after about a month. In many eagle species however, one of the eagle chicks is naturally slightly stronger than the other chick, with the stronger chick generally killing it's weaker sibling.

Eagles have adapted well to their dominant predatory lifestyle. Not only do eagles have exceptional eyesight and are about to soar remarkably quickly through the air for such a large bird, but eagles also have pointed beaks and agile feet known as talons. The beak of the eagle is perfectly designed for ripping flesh away from bone, and the talons of the eagle are so strong that the eagle is able to carry it's prey in it's feet until it reaches a safe place to eat it.


Niharika said...

eagle are very beautiful birds and are important towards the enviroment so it's our duty to conserve them.

Salahudin Al Ayubi said...

Very nice pitcure you have !!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Eagle is amazing and is the king of the sky and love Eagle beautifull birds what a picture. nice1 mate

Anonymous said...

We had four mature eagles and one juvenile most winters at our ranch in Arkansas. The sounds they would make as they greeted each other were very melodic, with a sequence of five rising notes repeated several times at an increasing rate. They were a pleasure to hear and to see.

Anonymous said...

Sky kings are what they are. Beautiful.

Lost In The Americas said...

What the Eagle sees... The Eyes in The Sky..
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Anonymous said...

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Birdy Official said...

What a graceful bird!

Anonymous said...

most beautiful bird on this planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sushant said...

Really liked it.
Wish there are more 2see....

Wildlife said...

Eagle is one of endangered animal species. Protect them from extinction..

Anonymous said...

Eagles are beautiful animals.They represent our nation in so many ways.We need to make sure they stay around for a while...If you want to know more check out savetheeagles.com


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